Hailie™ for use only with Symbicort® Turbuhaler

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The Hailie™ solution helps you take control of your respiratory condition.

The Hailie™ sensor attaches to your inhaler and monitors your medication usage. The Hailie™ app provides visualization of your medication usage and medication reminders.


  • Tracks your inhaler medication usage for asthma and COPD control
  • Reminds you when it is time to take your prescribed doses with audiovisual cues
  • Uploads your medication usage data directly to your mobile device using Bluetooth® enabled communications
  • Displays your medication usage data via the Hailie™ app to help you manage your condition better and to share with your health professional
  • Refill friendly. Each time you refill your prescription, simply attach your Hailie™ sensor onto your new inhaler
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The Hailie™ sensor only works with a valid Hailie™ solution subscription. The subscription is for one person only and not transferable. A single subscription can cover multiple sensors for personal use. For new users, the minimum subscription period is 12 months. At the end of the year, subscription will be renewed. Estimated sensor service life is up to 12 months.