Hailie® for Bevespi Aerosphere®

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Hailie® for Bevespi Aerosphere®
Hailie® for Bevespi Aerosphere®
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The Hailie® solution helps you take control of your respiratory condition.

The Hailie® sensor attaches to your inhaler and monitors your medication usage. The Hailie® app provides visualization of your medication usage and medication reminders.

The Hailie® sensor records the date and time the medication is actuated, and stores this information in memory. The Hailie® sensor uploads medication usage to a compatible software reporting application for review by medication users, healthcare professionals, managed providers and payors.


  • Tracks your inhaler medication usage for asthma and COPD control
  • Reminds you when it is time to take your prescribed doses with audiovisual cues
  • Uploads your medication usage data directly to your mobile device using Bluetooth® enabled communications
  • Displays your medication usage data via the Hailie® app to help you manage your condition better and to share with your health professional
  • Refill friendly. Each time you refill your prescription, simply attach your Hailie® sensor onto your new inhaler
  • Non-Rechargeable battery